Frequently Asked Questions (aka the FAQ)

Q: Why aren't I receiving the news letter?
A: During the upgrade, we may have lost your email. As such you want to simply add your address again using the simple email submission option down below. Otherwise, please contact us with the topic "Lost Newsletter" and your email address within the message. We will sort it out from there.

Q: Why am I having issues with donations on the site?
A: Every financial transaction is unique. Please make sure that your card is up to date and that the transaction is cleared through your service of choice. Should that fail, contact us and will help you resolve the issue as soon as humanly possible.

Q: I came to the building but the doors were lock. Wha..?
A: Right now there are security concerns. But if you see the lights on, just hit the buzzer on the right side of the door. Someone will open the door for you in short order.